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The town of Korcula, the historical centre of the island, has a very nice location in the Peljesac Channel. It is also known for its outstanding cultural and historical heritage and a long tradition in seafaring, shipbuilding and stone-masonry. It is the birthplace of the adventurer and traveller Marco Polo. Today Korcula is an important tourist centre. Tourism has a years-long tradition on the island. The first modern hotel, Korcula, was opened in 1912, in a building erected in 1871. Hotel guests have been enjoying the sunset at the hotel terrace for decades, which is a unique experience in the early summer.

Visitor opportunities of the island of Korcula include various types of accommodation - hotels, apartments, campsites, marina; sports and recreational facilities, especially interesting are water sports; organized excursions and a rich cultural life and entertainment programs. Cultural events of "Moreska" and "Kumpanija" have become world-famous. Gastronomic offer includes famous ...
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With its harmonious urban whole, Blato aroused interest of a number of travelogue writers as early as the 18th century. The centre of the town features a nice line of lime-trees, stretching for more than 1 km, providing a unique experience in June, when lime-trees are blossoming.

The most beautiful view on Blato and its surroundings is offered from the road leading to the southern coast, where many accommodation facilities are located. These are the picturesque coves of Grscica and Prizba, Karbuni and Potirna. In front of them is a group of islands with beautiful beaches. On the northern coast is the Prigradica Cove with a nice harbour.

The inhabitants of Blato have always cherished their tradition and culture, which is substantiated by the existence of 15 cultural societies and associations.

The most prominent is the Chivalrous Society "Kumpanija" (Companions), established in 1927. The chivalrous game called "kumpanija", is one of the ...
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Prizba is located on southern side of the island of Koreula, it is overlooking to island of Lastovo and dozens of a small islets in front of Prizba region.

They are uninhibited and covered with a pine trees with many nice places for swimming and enjoying in the sun or resting in the deep shade of the trees. There also can be found specialties which can be consumed direct from the sea, delicious shells and sea urchins. The names of islets are: Kosor, Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak.

The whole this region is exceptionally rich in pine coniferous wood and other Mediterranean plants, as is almost the whole island, and especially its south part.

Sea water is clean and sun is always on sight till sunset. There are three grocery stores, four restaurants, post office, small hotel and various tourist services like rent-a-bike, diving school, sea scooter and boat rent. Area ...
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Vela Luka

VELA LUKA, a town and port on the western side of the island of Korcula, 45 km to the west of the town of Korcula. The major part of the town spreads over the slopes of Spilinski Rat (150 m) and the mildly descending plateau between the Rat and the Humic elevation (183 m). The surrounding hills protect it from the northerly and southerly winds; the landward breeze often blows in the summer. The average air temperature in January reaches 7.9 C and in July 24.9 C; 2,671 hours of sunshine a year (in the summer 11.3 hrs a day). Chief occupations are farming, wine production, olive growing and processing, fruit growing, fishing, fish and food processing, shipbuilding and tourism. The coastal strip including the small islands (Proizd, Kamenjak, Osjak and Gubesa) represents a rich fishing ground. Vela Luka lies on the regional road running along the island. Ferry port; ...
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