Map of Croatia

Croatia is situated close to densely populated and industrially developed European countries. Many internationally important transport routes cross Croatia. The importance of the geographical position of the Republic of Croatia is also enhanced by the Adriatic Sea, the northernmost gulf of the Mediterranean which is the closest to the central part of the European continent.

The most important routes are centered along the Sava river, the Adriatic and the Drava river; there are also several important transversal routes from the Austrian and Hungarian border to the Adriatic coast (to Rijeka and Split).
Croatia is an Adriatic and a Central European country. It streches in the form of an arc from the Danube in the northeast to Istria in the west and Boka Kotorska in the southeast. Its area is 56,538, and the area of the coastal sea about 31,900 Geographically, it is situated on the cross-roads between Central Europe and the Mediterranean.
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Map of Korcula Island

Position: Middle Dalmatian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, 42° 58' N; 17° 08' E (the town of Korcula), 12700 metres from the mainland at nearest point, 49 nautical miles northwest of Dubrovnik, 57 nautical miles southeast of Split, 250 nautical miles from Venice, 250 nautical miles from Corfu.
Area: 276; sixth largest Croatian island in size
Length: 47 km
Width: 8 km
Length of the coast of the island: 182 km
Number of islets in the Korcula Archipelago: 50
Number of calms and capes: 195
Depth of the sea around the island: from 20 to 75 m
Height: 568 m (mount Klupca)
Composition of the soil: limestone, dolomite and marl
Relief: hilly island with numerous small fields and valleys
Sea currents: around the island 1-3 knots, in the peljesac Channel around 3 knots
Salinity of the sea: 38 per thousand
Snow: 2-5 cm overnight once in 3-5 years
Waters: there is practically no surface water
Winds: in winter time, the south wind (jugo) mostly blows (a warm and moist wind from the SE direction), and the cold and dry north wind (Bura) from the NE, but in summertime, the winds are most often Maestrals from the NW and numerous thermal winds
Tide: normal rise and fall of 30 cm
Mean number of sunshine hours per annum: 2700 hours

Map of Prižba

Prizba is located on southern side of the island of Koreula, it is overlooking to island of Lastovo and dozens of a small islets in front of Prizba region.

They are uninhibited and covered with a pine trees with many nice places for swimming and enjoying in the sun or resting in the deep shade of the trees. There also can be found specialties which can be consumed direct from the sea, delicious shells and sea urchins. The names of islets are: Kosor, Stupa, Crklica, Sridnjak and Vrhovnjak.

The whole this region is exceptionally rich in pine coniferous wood and other Mediterranean plants, as is almost the whole island, and especially its south part.

Sea water is clean and sun is always on sight till sunset. There are three grocery stores, four restaurants, post office, small hotel and various tourist services like rent-a-bike, diving school, sea scooter and boat rent. Area is covered with GSM networks so you can use your mobile phone easily.

Distance to the town of Korcula is 35 minutes of driving, villages Blato, Prigradica, Brna, Vela Luka are about 10-15 min.
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